How To Live Job Free Life?

Many of you who don’t know us personally are wondering how on earth we can live, travel and pay the bills without any job! So today I will release our job free know how 🙂 It is not a secret nor complicated! Before I start I need to define a term job free as we see it. Job free life for us is NOT having a job from 9-5 from which you get salary on a regular basis; job free life IS that you can be with your family 24/7 and your day is fulfilled with all the activities you choose for yourself; job free life DOES NOT mean not to do anything and just hang out on the beach!

So how did job free lifestyle start for us?

When Michael was so unhappy at his work in London (he used to work in a financial sector) and saw our daughter just over the weekends, he decided that he doesn’t want to live this life anymore and rather change something! Well, we both wanted to be with our daughter as well with our baby on its way at that time.

Michael took a month off to help me while I was pregnant with our second child and then another 3 weeks after our son was born, meaning he was at home with us almost for 2 months. Then he returned back to work and after 3 days of working, he resigned and made arrangements with his boss not to come again although he was supposed to work for another 3 months according to his contract.

At that time, we had some savings and started to think how to invest our saved money, what to do and how to live… we took the risk of being job less with all the consequences and responsibilities, but we also knew from our own experience that anyone who does things from the bottom of heart, intuitively with the good intentions, the Universe will always help.

So what options did we have?

1. Buying a property and renting it out wasn’t an option for us as we didn’t have enough cash to buy a nice property in London and didn’t want to take a mortgage.
2. Online business wasn’t an option either as the kids were so demanding that we didn’t have time to built something from scratch.
3. Spend all our savings within 2 years was an option, but we didn’t want to return to work afterwards as once you do this step forward, you are not ready and happy to go backwards.

The only option for us at that time we could think of was… TRADING!

Job Free Life, Trading

Job Free Life – Travelling

Trading came up as the only option for us as the strategy we wanted to use didn’t required to sit in front of a computer’s screen all day so we could be with our kids and enjoy our family life – job free life! On the other hand we knew we would need to really ‘dig’ into trading as we already decided to move from London to Australia which obviously required extra costs connected with the big move. We set up our priorities very clearly! (Earn just enough to be together as a family no matter what and we were ready and prepared if things go wrong!)

Michael and I started studying how to trade shares (we were playing with it for a while, but not well enough to understand this topic deeply to rely our lives and our saved money on it). We learned quite quickly and understood that actually many people do the same and teach others how to trade shares in a safe way so you don’t loose everything and that you actually can trade wisely and carefully.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone just to jump into it straight away after not educating himself deeply about trading as you actually CAN and WILL loose all your savings!

However, if you take your time to learn and educate yourself, then anyone can trade shares of companies no matter how much you’ve got. Obviously more capital you have more you can earn as well as loose!  Doesn’t matter whether you start with $100 (rather keep your job then!, $10.000 or $100.000) You don’t need to have any financial or economic background to read the ‘charts’ and ‘candles’ and understand the languages of Traders. Saying that, Michael’s financial and economic backgrounds helped to speed the learning process so we could start earning immediately from our saved money. I also need to mention here we do ethical trading, meaning we don’t trade shares of companies which in our opinion either damage  health or our Mother Earth significantly. This fact actually makes it a bit harder, but we love challenges as you already know 🙂

We have been trading for 2 years now and must say we didn’t become millionaires nor lost our initial savings. We earn just enough for us to sustain ourselves and travel the world, live our passion and most importantly being together as a family.

Anyone can do the same and if you are interested in trading and would like to learn a bit more about trading and being job free, Michael is preparing another article focused on trading and he will give you some suggestions and tips how to wisely start with trading.

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