Monthly Archive:: April 2015

Lotus Birthing – Real Story!

Hi Everyone, as a mother of two kids so far, I’m always curious about other moms’ birthing experience as well as learning new things! A beautiful family of six have been staying with us for over a month now. Sarah, Tamati and their four children aged 13, 4.5, 3 and 4 months have been travelling

Bikini Body! Weight Loss Meal Plan

Many of you, especially ladies are approaching me, asking what they can do to lose weight to achieve a body they really like and feel comfortable with. Firstly, I would like to stress here that you are ALL already beautiful! No matter what you or other think. However, in order to be in a harmony

Travelling Update

Hi Everybody, we would like to give you some update on what we have been up to for those of you interested 🙂 We haven’t been very good at blogging recently as we have been busy with all our health retreats and guests who came and stayed with us to learn more about raw food

Reference k Life Changing Programme od Klary Dlouhe

Dalsim nasim milym hostem v ramci naseho programu (LCHP), kde se zabyvame premenou zivotniho stylu a resime ruzne zdravotni problemy byla Klarka Dlouha, fotografka a studentka designu, momentalne zijici v Praze. Tady si muzete precist, jak probihal jeji 3tydenni pobyt u nas a jeji pocity Co jsi očekávala od LCHP? Na Evičky nabídku 3týdenního pobytu