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Help Me to Help You :)

Hi my Dear friend 🙂 I have been running my blog for almost 3 years now and I want to ensure my platform does the best possible job of answering your needs and interests. And that means I need to know more about you 🙂 To do that, I’ve created my 2015 Readers Survey Would you please

Life Changing Programme – Testimonials by Silvia & Kasper

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m happy to post our first testimonials to our Life Changing Programme (LCHP) which helps people to change something in their lives, giving them some sort of direction, deal with any particular health or other issues. The LCHP we offer is a swap trade rather than monetary exchange as we love showing

Sustainable Living in Yurts

Hi our Dear Friends 🙂 We haven’t been posting for a while and the reason being is that we now run FREE Life Changing Programme from our house for those of you who want to change any habit or pattern. It has been a beautiful experience so far with three people coming. We have been

Ayahuasca – Healer of the Soul

Many of you may have noticed and read the post from Eva on her Ayahuasca healing experience here. As people seem to be very interested in Ayahuasca healing powers and the experience others had with ‘the mother of all plants’ I thought I would share with you my vivid memories. These go back to February

How To Be Happy!

I guess everybody wants to be happy. But the question is how to be happy?…..Is there a right answer? Today I’d like to share my thoughts and my personal answers which you may or may not resonate with 🙂 It was the 27th of October 2012 when Michal got home from one of David Icke’s

End Of The World- Human Shift

I am pretty sure you have heard and read a lot about scary end of the world predictions, the Age of Aquarius, Mayan calendar and the human shift. I would like to share with you my personal input to this topic as I feel it and what vision I had related to the end of

Life changing Ayahuasca Retreat

I have already mentioned my experience with Ayahuasca and I would love to tell you more about my trip to Ecuador, South America in March 2012 as it has had a huge impact on my life journey. I believe and am convinced that  Ayahuasca retreat was the beginning of my raw food journey and more importantly