Monthly Archive:: November 2015

Raw Buckwheat Risotto Recipe

Today I’d like to share one of the recipes I have created for our friend who came to stay for the weekend with us to experience raw food lifestyle and learn more about this delicious and healthy cuisine. Buckwheat is super nutritious, high in rutin and a great substitute for gluten grains as well as

6 Tips To Eliminate Parasites

How to eliminate parasites? This is a very frequent question I have been asked recently so I thought I would give you 6 tips to eliminate parasites. I’d like to mention here that I have been studying the “art” of Functional Medicine (FM) for a while now which I have found really spot on (I

Live Webinar – How To Get Your Children Super Healthy, Strong & Focused!

Hi, I’m so excited to share with you a success I’m experiencing with my newly written and published evidence-based book (in the Czech language) focused on raw foodism, vegetarianism and veganism and suitability of such diets for children (over 1000 copies sold by now!). In addition, I have been running online webinars to share my

How To Get Your Kids Healthy, Strong & Focused!

Hi, I know that many of you are parents who have a million questions and especially with regards to the health of your children. This is a very hot topic and I’d like to answer your most frequent questions in relation to raw foods and its suitability for your kids. So how to get your kids

Acid Alkaline Diet – Can Body Get Acidic?

Acid alkaline diet is a very hot topic! During my debates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, I have been asked many questions and one of frequently asked one was related to food combining and body acidity in relation to acid forming foods. I have been researching acid alkaline diet for a while as the