7 reasons to visit Thailand

Today, I’d like to share with you our 7 main reasons to visit Thailand and why we would like to return someday.

I would like to mention here that we spent 3 days in Bangkok, 5 days in Krabi and then drove to Phuket where we spent two weeks. We stayed in 5 different accommodations to have a feel of Thailand and to connect with the locals.

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So here are our 7 main reasons why to visit, holiday or do a bit of travelling in Thailand even with small kids:

1. Tropical climate – although it might be too much for some people, we love tropical climate and don’t mind sweating. Although it was a wet season when we visited Thailand, the rain was actually very pleasant and we were quite lucky with sunny days with clear sky as well.

2. Very friendly and nice people – Thai people are very friendly, humble and would connect with you easily. They love kids! Thai language is quite difficult to learn, but we picked up the basic phrases and they were so pleased to see, you are at least trying to speak their language. They will try and help you with whatever you need, they care about each other as well they try to protect the beautiful nature.

3. Beautiful nature –Thailand is a big and green country with various climate and landscape. Although Thailand is polluted in some places mainly from extensive tourism, you can find unspoiled and beautiful spots and beaches which you will enjoy for sure! We can personally recommend North Phuket and Laguna on Bangtao beach. Thailand has a beautiful and vibrant energy. Even Bangkok as a big city was pleasant to visit, is very modern, clean and has its own spirit. We didn’t like Krabi as much as Phuket. I need to mention here that not all parts of Phuket are so nice.. . need to travel around to find the right spot for you. We don’t enjoy typical touristy places so we always travel around to find the right spot for us.

Thailand, Travelling

Thailand Bangtao Beach

4. Thai cuisine – Although we are high raw foodist we couldn’t resist the traditional Thai cuisine. It is delicious and we really enjoyed traditional vegetarian Pad Thai and especially different types of vegetables with oyster sauce. Our kids loved traditional Thai vegetable noodle soup as well as kale in oyster sauce.

5. Fresh fruit – is just amazing! If you love tropical fruit, this country is for you! The taste of pineapple is just extraordinary and we have never tasted better pineapple before! We were addicted to watermelons, bananas, pineapple, mango and passion fruit! We all missed our ritual green smoothie in the morning, but we easily survived on breakfast with tropical fruits. You can easily find a local market where you can buy fresh produce. Oh.. and the Thai young coconuts – simply amazing!

6. Safe for kids – Thailand is a country where you can do a lot even with small kids. Although we don’t support activities that keep animals in captivity such as Zoo’s and turist shows, we enjoyed seeing a baby elephant happily swimming in the ocean. Kids also enjoyed riding on electric tuk tuk, playing and walking on the beaches, climbing the trees and other natural activities where you can just let kids to play and enjoy themselves.

Thailand, Travelling

Thailand beach and baby elephant

7. We found Thailand to be quite cheap – I need to stress here that is was not the main season which starts from November! We could easily buy a young coconut for 1 AUD or max $2, kilo of bananas for about 1.5 AUD, half watermelon for 2 AUD etc.

To summaries:

Personally, we could imagine to live in Thailand for a while! To us Thailand is an ideal compromise between exotic country with rich culture with unique feel and well developed infrastructure that enables you to fully enjoy life and the country.

If you plan a holiday at one spot in Thailand, just do your research before booking an accommodation for a week or two as you may not like the area and the beach might not be the cleanest and this fact might spoil your holiday. We were collecting rubbish on two of the beaches, one in Krabi and one in Phuket.

If you have more than a week to explore Thailand, we would highly recommend visiting more places as you can get the right feel about Thailand. We did the same in Bali and other countries. The infrastructure in Thailand is well developed and you can easily travel around.

Many thanks Thailand and beautiful Thai people for having us and we’ll be back soon.


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