How to Travel the World With Kids Ebook

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I’m sooooo happy to announce that I have published my very first Kidnle Ebook with a title: How to Travel the World With Kids : Practical & healthy tips on how to afford, plan, enjoy and remember your travel adventures with kids. BONUS: healthy, uncooked recipes HERE

How to travel the world with kids

How to travel the world with kids

Have you ever dreamt of travelling the World with your kids? Not sure how to make it real, working and enjoyable for all involved? Are you afraid of unknown exotic places, leaving your home for extended period of time? Would you like to learn how to keep yourself and your family healthy during your travels? If your answer are YES, this short guide book might be great for you. We are a family of four, job free by a choice and currently travelling the world, sharing all our practical and healthy tips to inspire others,focusing on natural parenting.
This book will explain how to:
– Afford travelling the world as a family (tips on ‘earning streams’ while travelling)
– Plan vacation and how to choose right destinations so everyone is happy
– Ensure everyone gets excited about travel adventures (by age group)
– Pack and what travel essentials to take (by age group) ensuring healthy & safe travelling
– Keep your kids entertained on long-haul journey (by age group).Tips and games.
– Eat healthy while travelling
– Remember all adventures and practical tips, games etc.
BONUS: 17 uncooked recipes which are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free with pictures.

You can get the ebook HERE 🙂


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