Fiji – Paradise Found

BULA! As a Fijian would say 🙂 Meaning Hello!

There are many beautiful and gorgeous places which we can call  paradise and I’m sure you have seen many yourself. I would love to share with you our experience with Fiji and how we observed this beautiful country. We didn’t spend enough time to really explore and ‘dig’ into Fijian culture so this review is kind of a ‘holiday maker’ one 🙂



is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific. Many residing people from Australia and New Zealand would holiday in Fiji as it is very close compared to other countries. We spent two weeks in one of the islands called Treasure Island  and made several trips to see neighbouring islands to get an idea what life is about in Fiji.

Here are our main reasons why we love Fiji and will go there again and maybe will spend one Australian winter there:

1. Fijian people – Fijians are happy and very friendly. They would greet you, smile and be positive. Most of them are Christians and they care about each other. You can feel a tense between Fijians and the Indian Fijians. However, unless you really live there you may not even notice. They protect their values and they are proud of their roots.

2. Tropical climate – You have wet and dry season as in most tropical countries, but whatever season you experience, Fiji is always hot! The wet season might not be very pleasant. As according to locals there might be constant rain for a week or more. However, if you get over this then you are the winner 🙂 The cyclones might concern you, but they have an evacuation plan in place and as we learned, the cyclones are not that common.  We went to Fiji in June and the weather was just beautiful. The Treasure island experienced a cyclone last year and recovered just fine.

holiday in Fiji

Happy Fijians

3. Crystal clear ocean – the little islands, beaches and water are just beautiful and very clean. The tourist industry is not as developed as in other tropical countries and hopefully it’ll stay like this to protect the pristine nature. You feel really connected to the nature and the energy is very light there.

4. Delicious food – although we were on our raw food routine and the Chef made raw food dishes for us, we tasted Fijian cuisine and it is delicious 🙂 Especially seafood and raw fish 🙂 The tropical fruit is great and cheap for us on the local markets (bunch of bananas for $0.5 – 1 AUS). Young coconuts grow everywhere just to climb up and get one!

5. Coral reefs – wow! Snorkelling there was just amazing! The ocean life is so variable and you can spend hours and hours under the water!

6. Great for kids – Fiji is a great place to go with the kids. Fijians are very welcoming, they love children and you feel very safe. The kids can happily play almost everywhere. There is always something to do and explore in Fiji so you won’t get bored!

I think the pictures in this case would tell you more than the words 🙂 Eva 🙂

Holiday in Fiji

Crystal clear Ocean

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