Personal One Week Raw Food Meal Plan

Hi Everyone 🙂

I’m so excited to tell you that I’m now creating personal one week meal plans which is either 99%, 70% or 55% raw depending on your needs, circumstances and your very own personal journeys.

Whether you want to loose or gain weight, you are a sport man/woman or would like to totally change your lifestyle due to health issues or just to  become healthier this might be for you!

This One Week Meal Plan contains:

Firstly, personal consultation about your current lifestyle, state of mind, motivations, health issues and your visions. Then, based on these:

  1. Personal nutritional requirements and data based on information you provide
  2. Common detox symptoms and how to overcome them
  3. How to equip your kitchen and ingredients to buy to be successful
  4. Nutrients to watch
  5. MEAL PLAN (either 100%, 55% or 70% depending on your personal circumstances) and how to subsidize some ingredients in case you are allergic, food intolerant or simply don’t like some.
  6. Around 30 delicious recipes including pictures which would meet your personal nutritional requirements (breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners) PLUS some of my delicious raw deserts (I don’t consider these as that healthy, but understand everyone needs them occasionally!)
  7. 10 steps to healthy raw food lifestyle

AND my personal support once you start for the first 4 weeks to answer any questions related to the programme.



Who Am I?
Many of you might be questioning my professionalism as well as qualifications and knowledge.

I’m a Professional in Public Health Medicine (BSc and MPH) as well as certified Nutritionist and an enthusiast in raw foods. I have two kids ages 4 and 2 years and we have been living mainly on raw foods for over two years. You can read more about us here. We have started our raw food journey in Europe, England and moved to Australia in 2013.

I have been helping people on their journeys for over a year now and simply loving it!

Here are some of testimonials about my work:

‘Eva’s one week meal plan is amazingly well written, practical and the recipes are based on your personal circumstances and equipment you have or can afford! I found it easy to follow and whenever I had a question, Eva was accessible and willing to help. I highly recommend the programme to anyone serious about a big change in their current lifestyle.’ – Mark, Australia

‘Eva is an amazing inspiration to me as a friend and as a teacher. I love her energy and her dynamics, she approaches her lifestyle with a grace and inner intuition that is clearly visible in the happiness, compassion and understanding that she spreads around herself everyday and every minute of her life. I would recommend Eva’s raw food recipes, programmes and classes to absolutely everyone.’ – Lenka, United Kingdom

Eva is very professional at what she does and has great ideas about raw food recipes especially what to create with all your left over stuff in your fridge! I very enjoyed chatting to her. All my questions were answered and more! I will definitely keep checking Eva’s recipes as they are extremely delicious! Even our kids think the raw food ‘rocks’ ‘Many thanks for your work, Eva’ – Lucie, Czech Republic

‘Eva has been very helpful getting me started with some great ideas about raw food. Her advice was amazing and we all enjoy her recipes, very easy to follow and simply delicious. I love her enthusiasm and passion for raw food and life in general.’ Adriana, Australia

How much?

$99 AUS OR $169 AUS for two people ordering at the same time

If you have more questions related to this meal plan or would like to get one for yourself or as a gift for someone, please contact me on:

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