What We Eat in A Day?

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I’d like to share with you one of our raw food day as I think it might be beneficial for those of you asking us what exactly we eat, in what amounts and how much it costs.

So what we eat in a day?

We are all different with different needs which we totally respect! Me and Michal try to eat as much raw foods as possible, however we are not 100% raw fodists! Our little people Eliska and Tomas also have their own wishes, needs and desires and we try to respect them and be their partners rather than parents (well, there obviously are certain occasions where we set up boundaries!).

Anyway, I have picked up a day to show you how and what we eat! We prefer to eat simple, especially the kids who to my opinion do not benefit from mixing too much ingredients and flavours together. With our kids – less is more 🙂

Raw Food, young coconuts

Fridge packed with young coconuts


raw food, green smoothie

Morning ritual with green smoothie











Currently, we’re having our dear Czech guests around . We normally have young coconuts with a green smoothie for breakfast (we had 3 young coconuts to share between 3 adults and 4 small kids). Kids really, really love young coconuts (the water as well as the coconut meat which is extremely nutritious and contains healthy fats) I have written an article about all the benefits of drinking coconut water here

Then we had a play with our dear friend Maddie and her two little kids and had some carrots, raisins, apples, bananas and water. When we returned home the kids asked for a coconut again as well as miso soup with raw cauliflower, celery and carrots. Eliska & Tomas also had rye bread with organic butter and Michal and I enjoyed our green salads.

Raw Food

Miso soup and green salads

Raw Food

Eli and green juice

We all had a juice from the watermelon skin (all the foods left overs we don’t use we juice up in the afternoon or evening). The green skin of watermelon is also very nutritious – even more than the watermelon itself! and yes, it is a green juice as you can see from the picture). Then Eliska had one egg (we get organic and free range eggs from Maddie and her beautiful and organically fed chickens – they are lovely and are their pets really).

The kids enjoyed tomatoes, cucumbers, rye bread and lettuce with raw cheese in the evening, we had another salad. Our friend’s kids had some cooked butternut squash, carrots and chickpeas with chia seeds.

As desert we all had a piece of raw cake I made for Matya’s 2nd birthday 🙂

So to sum this up our family of four people  had:
3 coconuts, 3 large glasses of green smoothie (our kids shared one glass), 5 carrots, 5 cucumbers, 4 apples, 10 bananas, 4 passion fruit, 3 portions of miso soup with vegetables, 2 bowls of green salad, 1 egg, 3 large glasses of green juice, lettuce, 6 tomatoes with raw cheese, 2 pieces of goji berry cake left over, 10 kale leaves, 2 avocados, 1 red bell pepper, flaxseed meal. All at approximate costs of  $46 AUS. All home made and organic products!

We currently spent around $350 AUS per week which is around $1400 per month (£750 GBP or 28.000 CZK) for our organic food. I need stress here that organic produce is pretty expensive in Australia – more expensive than in the UK  for instance where we used to spent around £550 per month!

raw cakes, Goji Berries Cake

Goji Berries Cake

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