Protect Your Health From Water Pollution!

In this article we share our reasons why we drink distilled water most of the times and how important it is to make sure you drink the purest water possible 🙂

In today’s world everything is interconnected. We reckon that you have heard this before and this is nothing new. It has always been like this on this planet and in the nature. It is only that us humans are beginning to understand it. So the meaning of ‘everything is interconnected’ applies not only to economic globalization and revolution in information dissemination but foremost and above all to the basis of all life, to water.

Water Distiller, water

Water Distiller

We all remember from school the circulation of water in nature. Streams flow to rivers, rivers flow to oceans, oceans produce the clouds and bring rain to the mainland and so it goes again and again. Water is, therefore, everywhere, in oceans, in rivers, in clouds, in the tap, in the food you eat. And you are not excluded from the interconnectedness of nature. Your body consists mostly of water. In fact, we are liquid human beings. You can function for weeks without food but if you stop drinking water you would quickly dehydrate and collapse (there are exceptions though).

Thanks to its apparent abundance and universality water represent one of the substances that connect us each other and connects us to nature. In this way, it can be seen as a mirror of what we do to ourselves and to each other. How we produce food in agriculture, how we produce the products we buy, what drugs we take to keep our over worked bodies functioning, it all gets reflected in the water. So if you take a sample of your tap water, unfortunately, you would find pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, drugs hormones residuals and many other inorganic and organic pollutants that no water treatment facility can safely and effectively deal with. You are no better off with bottled water, though, due to the toxins released by the plastic, not mentioning the increasing pile of plastic rubbish that is killing the oceans.

All this uninvited substances in our water bring back to us everything we do to nature. All the pollution of the environment gets eventually reflected in the water we drink. No matter, what safety norms for allowed water pollution any government or regulatory agency set the effects on your long term health are detrimental. No wonder that us, as health conscious people, were looking for solution how to protect our bodies and our children’ bodies from this influx of harmful substances. Luckily, there is one solution that we came across. Water distillation with a water distiller.

What is water distillation using a water distiller? A water distiller heats tap water to 100 degrees centigrade, causing the water to change to steam, leaving behind almost all organic and inorganic contaminants. The steam vapour is condensed into pure distilled water leaving the remaining sediment in the bottom of a stainless steel chamber. The purified water than passes through carbon filter, which further purifies the water. No filter or other process can match water distillation. It produces 99,9% pure water, pure H2O. This process mimic the process that occurs in nature as most of the polluted water ends up in oceans where it evaporates leaving all substances behind and becoming clouds and water vapour.

The water distiller looks like a bigger kettle. After each distillation you can check the remains at the bottom of the stainless steel boiling chamber. Actually, you should clean it regularly. What you find are the sediments of contaminants which, if you drink the water, make a burden on your body system and immunity. We assure you that, when you see the scale for the first time, it will shock you. Water distiller is a must to have home appliance for us. We use Megahome distiller and we are very happy with it. You can get one here:

At home, we always drink distilled water and use it for smoothies and in general any food preparation. Have you ever experienced a sip of water from a remote mountainous spring? If our distilled water is cold it reminds us of the real spring water, not the one from a plastic bottle. There is disadvantage though. You get so used to the delicious taste of water that drinking any other water, either from bottle or from tap, becomes very unpleasant experience. I also need to mention that after distilling the water, we freeze it in a freezer to harmonise the water. You can also leave it on the sun to harmonise it (energise it) 🙂

For those who are concerned that drinking distilled water can harm them due to lack of beneficial minerals, like magnesium or potassium, we only add that these minerals intake you can easily get from leafy green vegetables such as, e.g. kale, spinach, rockets etc.  We also like to add some stuff, like lemon, probiotics, sea minerals, apple cider and other health supporting substances. Distilled water is highly reactive and in your body speeds up the natural healing and detoxifying process. This is especially important when you fast, but that is something we will cover in our next article.

Cheers and keep yourself healthy & happy 🙂

Eva and Michael

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