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Hello our dear friends 🙂

I want to give you a quick update on what we have been up to and where we are heading next 🙂

You may know that we are currently travelling and presenting around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Now it is time to go home (after three months of an adventure and meeting new friends) to magnificent Australia. We cannot wait to see all our dear friends back home… we won’t be staying at one place too long though as we are heading from Lennox Head up to North, exploring other parts of beautiful Australia and planning to settle around gorgeous and hot Cairns. We simply love tropical weather and want to experience tropics in Australia.

Gorgeous Fijian children

Gorgeous Fijian children

We have received a great offer to move to Fiji to help local Fijians with their personal development, running raw food retreats and teaching them new skills. We are involved, but not planning to move there right now (hey.. you never know). However, we are ready to help as much as we can with this great project called Globally Alive Family run by our friend Monika Blanda. The project hasn’t been ‘born’ yet 🙂

So, we are leaving the Europe end of August, Michal is taking his solicitor exams to become an ‘alternative’ solicitor in Australia so he can help others even more.




raw food

Raw Food book – main cover

I have finished my first paper book in Czech and raised money for its publishing, which I’m so excited about. I’d like to thank all beautiful people including my family for letting me to finish this master piece. It has a great reviews from other experts in Public Health Medicine and Nutrition. It is the first evidence based book of this kind written in Czech. My plan is to run online programs for families who want to learn more about a suitability of raw foods for their children, creating healthy and easy recipes which are practical and suitable for your personal circumstances. If you want to buy this book you can still support it HERE

I have also re-launched my 4 weeks online program called Double Your Energy and Lose Additional Pounds which is a proven, step-by-step guide to get you into vibrant New YOU and your health, energy and figure back! You can learn about this program HEREI have started with the first group of beautiful ladies and re-opened the second program for September as there is a high demand. If your are interested, please show your interest now and I’ll send you a link to see how the program looks like. You can also watch an introduction VIDEO HERE.

We have our last debate on raw foodism and children here in CR on Wednesday and I really look forward to meet other beautiful families who are keen on switching from cooked to mainly uncooked foods.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Keep in touch, I always love hearing from you and in case you have any questions related to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me on

Lots of love to you all,


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