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Hi everyone,

I haven’t been blogging for a while here as many things have changed in our lives and year of 2016 was full of changes in general…

Firstly, my dear mum has suddenly died in May and we spent 2 months in Europe supporting our family. After our return back to Australia, we realized that we need to be closer to our relatives and dearest ones hence decided to relocate to the Czech Republic for a while.

I have also shifted my focus more into holistic health consultation and have been busy with all my dear clients. You can read all information here on my new website where I’m active now. So I won’t be running my personal blog anymore due to lack of time for blogging, but will be more focusiing on helping people to shift their lives and health. The web is bilingual (Czech and English).

Hope to hear from you there and tahnks for reading my personal blog posts here at

Have a great Christmas and healthy and happy New Year.

Lots of love,


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