Bikini Body! Weight Loss Meal Plan

Many of you, especially ladies are approaching me, asking what they can do to lose weight to achieve a body they really like and feel comfortable with.

Power of raw foods

Power of raw foods

Firstly, I would like to stress here that you are ALL already beautiful! No matter what you or other think. However, in order to be in a harmony with yourself, your soul as well as with your body, you need to work on three things – Self Love, Confidence, and Consistency! Once you find out the KEY to yourself (the key is very individual to each soul as is to each house), you’ll start respecting yourself, looking in a mirror seeing a gorgeous human being. To give you an example, my special key to myself was my Ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador as well as a power of raw foods. Both have softened my energies, increased my vibrations and helped me realized what really matters in life. So try and build a relationship with yourself first and the rest will follow in the right order 🙂

Anyway, I understand and know how important daily diet is. Switching from a standard diet to highly raw food diet is not easy, but it really helped me to get rid of those additional kilograms I had carried for many years. Learning everything by myself, I have made many mistakes. For example, in the beginning I didn’t realize the importance and power of greens! I cannot stress enough how important fresh leafy green vegetables are! I’m not talking about powered barley, chlorella, spirulina which are so popular nowadays (expensive too!). These superfoods are great, but cannot replace fresh and organic green powerhouse 🙂

Seeing many of you trying to change their dietary habits, I have decided to create a general 7 days meal plan, based mainly on raw foods (it is not 100% raw as this is simply not realistic for most of the people). It is not a personalized meal plan, though.

So what do these 50 pages meal plan ebook cover?

  1. Introduction to weight loss meal plan
  2. Tips to lose weight naturally without dieting – how many calories I should consume, shall I count them?
  3. Detox and its symptoms
  4. Main nutrients to watch
  5. Recommendations
  6. Ingredients to buy
  7. One week Meal Plan (Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack dinner) and tips on how to stay highly raw while working, traveling etc. Daily intake is already calculated for you!
  8. 28 nutritionally balanced RECIPES
  9. 10 Steps for a Healthy Raw Food Diet
  10. Bonus 1 – raw food groups – what can I eat?
  11. Bonus 2 – Sprouting guide
  12. Bonus 3 – My support on a secret Facebook page where you can ask me any question!

What’s the price? This comprehensive ebook is $29 USD and I treat the money as a donation to help people who cannot afford our holistic health retreats to cover some of their costs. So if you want to help others too you have an opportunity now. Many thanks!

Feel free to contact me in case you have more questions about the meal plan. My email is:

Raw food meal plan

Power of raw foods

Lots of love,

Eva x

Eva’s meal plan has been helping me to gradually lose weight. She always answers all my questions. As I suffer from Thyroid disorder losing weight is a struggle for me. But with Eva’s plan and help, I’m winning my battle! Thank you! Pavla, Czech Republic

Eva’s weight loss meal plan is well thought, very detailed and extremely comprehensive! Once I get all my ingredients and get organized, I cannot wait to start! Just incorporating some of her recommendations has helped me lose 2 kg per week! Jess, Australia

The plan is absolutely amazing! You need to make an effort, though, there is no magical pill, but it’s been working for me! The recipes are yummy and easy to prepare. Even my kids love them! Sarah, UK

Within a week, I lost 2 kg and got my flat tummy back! Dani, UK

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