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Dear parent (s) 🙂

many of you are into raw foods and especially asking about how to start incorporating raw foods into your baby’s & kids’ daily meals. This might be a struggle for most of the parents especially if you are new to raw food lifestyle, have older children who already express their likes and dislikes and simply will not eat anything GREEN as they find it disgusting 🙂

I have my own experience with our two little people now 2,5 & 4,5 years old as well as other families I have an honor to work with helping them with their transition. As a Nutritionist as well as Public Health Professional, I’m aware how important it is to ensure all nutritional needs are met! It might be tricky regardless the diet you follow. You can become deficient on any diet really.

Therefore, I have written a simple and basic Raw Food Parenting E-book available in English as well as in Czech languages especially for those new to raw food lifestyle who need answers to their ‘burning’ questions such as:

1. Is 100% raw food lifestyle suitable for children?

raw food for kids

Green smoothie morning ritualIs 100% raw vegan lifestyle healthy and safe for kids?

2. How do I start? What equipment do I need?
3. How can I afford buying organic foods?
4. How to start with babies? What to cook? How to start with toddler or a teenager?
5. How to make the transition smooth?
6. What recipes can I prepare for breakfast, lunch, dinners and deserts?
7. What nutrients my kids need in order to nourish on raw food lifestyle?

If you have these questions, my 35 pages E-book in pdf file is for you as a taste to my book in Czech which should be published hopefully by Christmas this year (subject to our travelling plans 🙂 )

I offer this E-book for $6 AUS, approximate 120 CZK, £4 GBP 

For other payment options except paypal, please contact me at:

For those of you who have already committed incorporating more raw foods into your daily life, but struggle with recipes and what to eat in order to achieve the optimal health for yourself, I offer personal meal plans fit to your needs. You can read more HERE. Or if you struggle with weight loss, you can now purchase my Weight Loss Meal Plan HERE which contains about 30 well balanced recipes. Calories are already calculated for you! 🙂

Look forward to hearing from you soon and if you have any questions, please drop me a comment below.

Testimonials 🙂

‘Eva’s tips with the kids were particularly helpful as was the info on the nutrients to be aware of with kids in the e-brochure. So far I have been giving the green smoothies to my kids every morning (and they love it) and my son also loves the chia pudding (still working on my daughter;-). I am very enthusiastic and have been looking through your Facebook page for ideas too. It is my husband’s birthday this week and I have just finished making a raw chocolate cake with the help of the kids. All in all a good first week! Janet, Australia

‘Eva has been very helpful getting me started with some great ideas about raw food. Her advice was amazing and we all enjoy her recipes, very easy to follow and simply delicious. I love her enthusiasm and passion for raw food and life in general.’ Adriana, Australia
‘Eva’s raw food parenting e-brochure is well written followed by easy an d quick recipes which are helpful and our kids like them so far. I specifically enjoyed the tips on how to start with kids by age group  and how to buy organic produce on budget. Keep the good work, Eva. Many thanks.’ Jana, Czech Republic
‘The brochure was exactly what I needed that time in order to motivate me, inspire me how to start our raw food journey as a family. My kids are teenagers and are very picky. Eva’s tips were helpful and she even answered all my additional questions via email very promptly. ‘ Lenka K, United Kingdom
Purchase the brochure now for as little as $6 AUS

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