Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods

Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods?? YES!!

I thought  I would share with you how my parents manage their health issues by eating raw foods and how they significantly changed their lifestyle. We focused on managing my dad’s diabetes type II. They have been my first ‘clients’ 🙂 and I’m thankful to them that they have been so open to my advices as well as recommendations of our dear ‘virtual’ friend  Dr. Jana 🙂

Managing diabetes type II by raw foods

My parents

They came to Australia to see us in January this year, stayed with us for 6 weeks and became about  80% raw foodists during their stay!!

They didn’t plan such a change of course; however they were open to it (especially my dad) as both of them suffer from common chronic diseases (they are over 60 years old). My dad wanted to ‘experiment’ more and I would describe his attitude as:  ‘Well, I have nothing to lose’. He withdrawn all his medications – my mum was a bit concerned!!! 🙂

They started their raw food journey after a week of adapting to Australian’s climate as well as time change and my dad started eating whatever we prepared for him (mainly what we ate anyway, plus I prepared more vegetable juices for him). He has never been overweight or obese, but still he lost 6 kg and got rid of additional water as well as some fat. He suffered from some of the detox symptoms such as headache, low energy and nausea. My mum was worried a bit as well as sceptical, but left him to carry on and silently tried our raw food cuisine too 🙂

After three weeks on raw foods my dad started to feel better as well more energetic. We checked his blood pressure regularly (well, on a daily basis as he suffers from high blood pressure) and I also adapted his meal plan to manage his diabetes type II as well as high cholesterol, His blood pressure was normal during his stay.

Managing diabetes type II by raw foods

Managing diabetes type II by raw foods

We were looking forward to see my dad’s blood test results after his arrival back to the Czech Republic (March 2014) as well as mum’s!

Dad’s blood sugar has significantly improved and his doctor was pleased with his blood test results as well as with his weight loss. Well, until my dad told her he didn’t take any medicaments! She became furious and told him she wasn’t going to treat him any more if he doesn’t follow her protocol. My dad smiled at her and asked her whether she is interested to learn what he has done. The doctor was very sceptical about my dad’s story and raw food journey.

My mum suffered from iron deficiency for many, many years and since she has changed her lifestyle her blood in general has improved (although she suffers from other serious health condition and refused a typical treatment protocol). Her doctor supports her which is great and invited her to regular check-ups as he is very interested in her results and possible improvements.

It has been nine months since they left Australia and are back in the Czech Republic. My mum is drugs free and my dad takes pills for his high blood pressure, but decreased the dosage, his blood sugar is stabilized and he feels well.

We are all very pleased with their great results and hope they will carry on and stay passionate about raw foods as they were here in Australia 🙂

Managing diabetes type II by raw foods

Managing diabetes type II by raw foods

To sum this up, they currently are about 60% raw vegetarians 🙂

This actually inspired me to start creating personal meal plans and focusing on others who are keen and motivated to change their lifestyle and get their health back 🙂

You can read more about my Personal Meal Plans HERE

Lots of health to you all!

Eva x

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