Raw Food FAQ – Part 1

Raw food is a very popular topic now days so I thought I would try and answer some of your frequent questions about raw foods. I hope you’ll find these two articles beneficial 🙂

1. What does exactly raw food mean and what are the benefits?

Raw food
= living food = food full of nutrients, energy, purity and love from Mother Earth.

A raw food diet is made of fresh, whole, unrefined, living, plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and seeds, which are consumed in their natural state, without cooking or steaming (you can warm your raw food up to 47 Celsius degrees). People who adopt this diet are often referred to as ’raw foodists’ or ’raw vegans.’

There are so many benefits of eating raw food.. I’ll just list a few here:

  • increased level of energy
  • clear and glowing skin, hair, nails
  • anti aging benefits
  • less sleep
  • you may become highly spiritual and sensitive to all different energies
  • better health so you don’t get ill as often as you used to
  • you are not addicted to food anymore and don’t get extremely hungry

2. Is there just one type of raw food diet?

No, there are many different subcategories of raw foodists:

  • Raw Foodist – People who consume mostly raw food.
  • Fruitarian – People who consume mostly fruits.
  • Sproutarian – People who consume mostly sprouts.
  • Juicearian – People who consume mostly fresh juice.

There are also different opinions on what the balanced raw food diet should look like; some gurus would recommend eating mainly fruits (carbohydrates) and minimum fat and protein (it’s called 811 or 80%10%,10% diet). Some would recommend more fat intake and minimum fruit.

My personal believe is that we are all different and there is no such a diet which would work 100% for everyone. One should experiment and find out what is best for him.

There are even people who don’t eat at all! They are called Breatharians and live from the energy (Prana). There around 30.000 of breatharians around the World and if you are more interested in this topic, please have a look at this document introducing Henri Monfort, a French breatharian.

raw food

raw food

3. Are you and your family 100% raw?

No, we have decided not to be fully on raw foods at this stage for many reasons. I’m currently about 90% raw – but I really think it is not about the percentage. The most important thing which I would like to promote here is to incorporate as much living foods into your and your children daily diet. If you are on a highly raw diet (at least 80%) You may experience detox symptoms because your body organs start to cleanse. You will learn what works for you personally. You may get the sign that you cannot eat cooked food any more and become 100% raw foodist 🙂

It is a personal journey and there is no pressure on you! Just enjoy this challenging time and be gentle on yourself!

You can read part 2 of this article here 🙂 I hope this information is beneficial to you and please leave your comments below 🙂

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