How To Get Your Kids Healthy, Strong & Focused!


I know that many of you are parents who have a million questions and especially with regards to the health of your children. This is a very hot topic and I’d like┬áto answer your most frequent questions in relation to raw foods and its suitability for your kids. So how to get your kids healthy, strong and focused?

Get Me The Raw4Kids FAQ + Kids Friendly Recipes!

raw food for kids


You probably know by now that I have written and published an evidence-based┬ápublication which addresses this wide topic in greater details. However, the book is written in Czech language and it will take me a while to translate it into English. In the meantime, I’d like to address at least some of your burning questions such as: Do we need to be 100% raw vegan to experience all the benefits? Is raw food lifestyle suitable for babies? Do I need to supplement? What nutrients shall I watch? Please, refer to this Raw4Kids FREEBIE which includes all the answers above PLUS kids friendly recipes by age. Just click on the red box below to get the access. Get Me The Raw4Kids FAQ + Kids Friendly Recipes!

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