Sprouted Kamut Bread Recipe

Recently, our family have started consuming sprouted breads which are highly nutritious. Although using gluten grains occasionally, by sprouting them the gluten actually loses it’s power. Not completely though, but quite significantly.

Today I’m sharing a sprouted kamut bread recipe which was created by my friend Marta. Marta is a great and natural mama who is very positive and health conscious. Here is Marta’s blog

Sprouted raw bread

Sprouted raw bread

Ingredients – serves four people

Sprout the kamut for 2 days. On the second day, add it to the food processor (using S blade) with all other ingredients. Process for about 3 times till the grains are crashed. Form you bread using your hands. Let it dry out in the sunshine (3 and more hours) or in a dehydrator (3 hours) at 48 Degree Celsius. Be carefull to let dry the crust only, not the dough inside. Keep your bread in a sealed container – it keeps it fresh for about 3 days in the fridge. Feel free to use alternative variety of grains like spelt or einkorn.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it 🙂


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