Raw Food FAQs – Part 2

This is the part 2 of the raw food FAQs article and if you missed the part 1, you can read it here 🙂

4. How does your raw food day look like?

We normally eat fruit for breakfast – I also make a green smoothie for everyone where I use about 300-400g of leafy greens  (spinach, celery leaves, kale..) and herbs such as basil, parsley. Eliska would also eat banana, apple or orange and I would make a raw porridge for me and Michal. Tomas would have the green smoothie too.

Then we have a fruit snack – I make it interesting for Eliska so she doesn’t get bored. We would also eat dry prunes, dates, nuts and seeds, but just a little!

We normally have a vegetable soup for lunch which is 50% raw or a huge bowl of salad for everyone and a treat after lunch such as raw ice cream, raw chocolate or another raw desert.

If we have activities with children, I would just prepare snack boxes with lots of fruit and vegetable (cucumber, carrots, celery sticks, tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, apples whatever is at home). We drink plenty of distilled water and I would add some marine phytoplankton in it 🙂

I would prepare nice dinner for everyone and this is my time to be creative and make my proper raw food recipes which I share here on this website. It normaly is a fully raw vegetable dish, another time I would make steamed vegetables or raw soup with raw seeds crackers. I occasionally cook grains such as guinoa, also brown rice or buckwheat noodles/pasta and mix it with raw vegetables and dressing.

Michal still loves his bread so we buy organic rye bread 🙂 Eliska loves her eggs and we sometimes eat seafood.

I often eat differently to keep myself highly raw as this is what satisfies me and what my body wants. I don’t stress about food too much. I’m still breastfeeding so I decided not to go 100% raw as the detox process might not be very pleasant and the rate of toxins in my blood streem as well as breast milk would significantly increase. I take it easy and I enjoy it 🙂

raw food

Raw food

5. Do you only eat organic produce? Why to buy organic  raw food?

Yes! As much as we can! There are certainly occasions where it is just impossible to have an organic meal, especially when you are on holiday, you travel long distance; go out for dinner with your friends etc. But we are fully organic at home!
Here are our main reasons to buy organic produce:

a) Organic food is nutritionally rich – Organic foods and ingredients contain higher levels of vitamins, minerals and health-promoting antioxidants. Eating fully organic food you will also reduce risk of not getting enough vitamin B12.
b) GMO free (Genetically Modified Organism free) – we still don’t know the real impact of GMO food! There is evidence showing that it may have a negative impact on our health.
c) Pesticides free – organic foods are free from pesticides. Most food sold in stores is grown with pesticides or other toxins. These chemicals have been proven to adversely affect health.
d) Supporting local farmers and Mother Earth – We always prefer supporting local eco farmers and knowing where are food come from rather than buying our food from big supermarkets. It is also much better for our planet to grow pesticide and chemical free produce!

6. I think I’m ready – How to start with my raw food journey?

Here are some tips how to start with raw food:

  • Clear your kitchen cupboards and throw all ‘junk’ away! It might be a painful process, but necessary to realize how much unhealthy stuff you actually have in your house and what you ‘used to eat’!
  • Don’t buy anything you don’t want to eat! This is very, very important as if you have any ‘junk’ in your cupboards, I bet you- if you are hungry you’ll eat it! If it is not there anymore, it helps your kids as well!
  • Try to eat fully organic – you don’t want to eat strawberries with many types of pesticides in them!
  • Add more raw food in your daily diet – you can start with breakfast the first week. Instead of cereals or bread, just make yourself a smoothie with all your love. Children love being involved in kitchen. I’m a big advocate of kids helping in the kitchen from early age, even cutting fruit and vegetables with knives under supervision. Eat as much fruit in the morning as you feel like.
  • Stock up your household with all beautiful fruit and veggies for at least 2-3 days.. don’t worry if something goes off..if you have enough ‘stock’ you will be tempted to eat raw fruit or vegetable rather than bread..if you feel hungry, get something raw before you cook a dish. You will also learn how much you need to sustain yourself and your family. I can tell you – the amount of fruit and vegetables even if you are not 100% raw is enormous – something which we are not used to. I remember when we eat standard diet to have a small bowel of fruit on the table and some vegetables in one bottom section of our fridge. It is so very different nowdays!
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables depending on your energy output. Don’t be surprised if you feel like eating 6 bananas or a big bowel of blueberries for lunch! One of the biggest mistakes is not eating enough! Your dish must be huge. Remember that fruit and vegetables are low in calories so you need to eat plenty
  • Drink plenty of pure and the best quality water you can get!
  • Love yourself and be gentle on yourself…if you feel like eating chocolate (we all do :):):) just get it..make sure it is organic dark chocolate OR you can even get RAW chocolate
  • Find raw foodist community for any support, help, motivation, recipes
  • If anyone tries to put you off just ask them: Have you tried raw food lifestyleyourself? I bet 99% haven’ how would they know whether it is good or not?
I hope you found this article about raw food helpful and beneficial, please leave your comments below 🙂
Eva & Michal

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