End Of The World- Human Shift

I am pretty sure you have heard and read a lot about scary end of the world predictions, the Age of Aquarius, Mayan calendar and the human shift. I would like to share with you my personal input to this topic as I feel it and what vision I had related to the end of the world and human shift 🙂

I believe that all the energetic changes on the planet Earth which I felt very strongly around 21st December 2012 (still pregnant with Tomas) helped me to understand, feel, appreciate, share and change. I also think that the fact that we become raw foodists was highly influenced by all the vibrations of love and awareness that are currently coming to our beautiful planet.
So how I see the end of the world andthe related human shift? when 2012 ended, the values focused on money (possessions), power and control became obsolete. A new world age based on love, brotherhood, unity and integrity was prophesied to take its place. If what the Maya said is true then today’s worldwide upheaval is eliminating the old values and transitioning us to the new…and it’s not over yet by a long shot! The human shift has become more powerful.
End of the world, human shift

End of the world – Human shift

Everything with Piscean values is being exposed and taken down. This includes governments, corporations, individuals, and even personal relationships. Many call this a disaster, as the world appears to be falling apart, but is it? It is especially hard for older generations – I can see this in my parents, in-laws. The shifting power is so strong that some of them just cannot cope with it and feel lost and misunderstood.
I had a vision on the 21st December which revealed to me that some people will be extremely unhappy, sad and even have suicide thoughts. These people will find difficult to adapt to this human shift and for them this is going to be the end of the world! We can all change, there is always an opportunity for a change and a shift. However, as with every change or shift, the whole process might be very hard and painful. The Aquarian Age points to the direction of our own evolution in consciousness. We are each being asked to make a choice. We can cling to the old outdated values or adopt the new evolving ones. Our happiness and peace depends on our choice right now. The change will take place whether we like it or not.The ancient Maya said we have been asleep to our true natures since the beginning of the age or cycle that just reset at the end of 2012 to the new values. But, we are waking up 🙂 
The internet with its organic (Google) searches is not controllable. The internet is educating the public in ways never before possible. More people are questioning various subjects including corrupted governments, education system which doesn’t make sense, health and medical care, food supplies and much more! The children born near the great cycle change are much different, and their parents don’t understand what makes them tick. Some parents doubt and feel their fail their parenting sills – Please, do not!
These indigo, crystal and rainbow children display many new values and innate abilities their parents don’t possess. The “in tune” children of today don’t think the same, and are leading the way to a whole new way of life. One that is calmer, freer, inclusive, more fulfilling, intuitive, and more loving. Watch for greater harmony amongst all humanity.
Do you think this is the end of the world? I do not 🙂 I accept this beautiful human shift as an opportunity to learn, share, love and improve my karma.  Let go your ‘old self’ and let your ‘new self’ shine 🙂
Lots of love to all of you from Thailand this time 🙂
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