Sustainable Living in Yurts

Hi our Dear Friends 🙂

We haven’t been posting for a while and the reason being is that we now run FREE Life Changing Programme from our house for those of you who want to change any habit or pattern. It has been a beautiful experience so far with three people coming. We have been quite busy showing and sharing everything we know with those who decided to spend three weeks with us.

One of the trip we always do is visiting our dear friend Lahdyo who lives a sustainable lifestyle with his daughter Evie 🙂 Lahdyo has been living in different communities most of his life and currently occupies two beautiful yurts in Jasper Hall community near Minyon Falls.

sustainable living in yurts


He inspired us so much that we have decided to follow him and together with other like minded people create an intentional community in a magical area of Byron Bay.

It is all about living sustainably with connection to nature and doing no harm! Living in yurts seem to be the best solution for us at the moment. The intention is to live ‘off grid’ so using rain water, solar powers and composting toilet to be in harmony with nature and ourselves too. The vision of growing most of the organic food ourselves is so appealing that we cannot wait to start!

Lahdyo and his daughter live great life, full of happiness and health! Lahdyo runs a small business where he sells his beautiful yurts to others and makes sure everyone is happy 🙂 You can find him HERE.

I will certainly update you with our journey and for those of you who might be interested in joining us in the community, please check the website HERE.

sustainable living in yurts

Inside of the yurt








Inside of the yurt

sustainable living in yurts

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