Live Webinar – How To Get Your Children Super Healthy, Strong & Focused!


I’m so excited to share with you a success I’m experiencing with my newly written and published evidence-based book (in the Czech language) focused on raw foodism, vegetarianism and veganism and suitability of such diets for children (over 1000 copies sold by now!). In addition, I have been running online webinars to share my knowledge, expertise and experience with other parents who are unsure and have many questions related to healthy and mainly plant based lifestyle.

I obviously do not want to leave my English speaking friends behind so I run webinars in English as well from the 21st November. Here is a video with my invitation!

If you are interested, please check out all the information about the webinar HERE. You do not need to be live on the specific day and time (once you register and make a payment, I will send you a REPLAY!), although I encourage you to do so as you can ask me any questions in my live Q&S session and you’ll also get my bonuses.

raw vegan yogurt

Raw vegan yogurt with raw granola

What topics I cover in this 1,5-hour long webinar:

  • Practical and realistic tips on how to start with plant-based lifestyle: How to substitute meat, dairy and bread + RECIPES

  • Meal plan examples by age group: 6-9 m, 9-12 m, 12-18 m and a transformation meal plan for older children

  • Supplements – YES or NO? If yes, when and what kind of supplements for kids?

  • How to strengthen child’s immunity naturally – 8 great tips!

  • How to deal with social pressures – grandparents visits. How to deal with a situation when my child wants a meal which is not healthy at all?

  • How to start on solids with a 6 months old baby so he/she doesn’t lack any nutrients – meal examples for breastfed and formula fed babies


Register HERE to hear information you have probably never heard before!

What other people said about the webinar:
“Many thanks for such a great webinar! You have answered and addressed all my questions and worries I have with my children. I look forward to your book which I’m going to buy for grandparents so they can educate themselves.”
Radka V.

“Thanks for an amazing webinar packed with priceless information!” Eva P.

“The webinar was awesome! I have been on raw food for 5 years and I always love to learn more and valuable information. I have a 6 months old baby and thanks to your webinar, I got clear about what I should do. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, expertise and personal experience. I will definitely buy your book!” Lucy V.

I look forward to seeing you at the webinar!


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