Orgasmic Home Birth Experience

I’d like to share with you my personal story of orgasmic home birth of our son Tomas.

It is great to see that more and more women have a free choice how and where they give birth to their babies. I have found the whole ‘process’ of giving birth a miracle, an experience one cannot explain by words. You need to experience it by yourself (something like with Ayahuasca, with the exception that men can experience Ayahuasca too).

I should explain first, why I decided to have a home birth ( I think this is really a woman decision, how she feels and whether she would feel comfortable and safe to give birth at home. I don’t want to exclude men here, but men can feel differently and have a different opinion driven by fear. At the end of the day it is us women who have to go through this experience so how we feel is the most important and this is not a good situation to try and please other’s wishes).

After my ayahuasca experience I felt that I can have a home birth, even an orgasmic one which cannot be planned anyway. Yes, you can even have an orgasm during the labour! We are told that labour is very painful and sometimes we hear terrific stories. I’m convinced that if a woman is totally relaxed, trusts her body and her instincts rather than relying on doctors, work with her inner self during pregnancy and connects to her unborn baby, she can experience an amazing labour, with limited pain. Sadly, most of us experience a fear from giving birth, panic, we are controlled and check several time during pregnancy and somehow somebody else takes over our bodies when we give birth. I’m very sorry if any of you have bad birth experience although you tried everything to have a good one! I know that sometimes things don’t go according to our plans.

I felt more confident than with my first labour experience and I trusted my body even more (Eliska wasn’t born in a hospital either; I had a water birth in a Birth Centre in London).

This time we used to have a nanny and the arrangements were that she would be around to look after Eliska, I would go to the Birth Centre again and if she is not available, I would go for a home birth. So no control what is going to happen, I just waited what the Universe was going to decide for me and I knew it is going to be the best decision!

home birth

Orgasmic home birth

Our nanny Renata with her little daughter left for Christmas holiday and we ended up alone. On the 27th December 2012 just after 7pm I put Elsika to sleep and the contractions started. I took a shower and connected to my Inner Self. Michael called midwives and I started signing as I had the contractions to help me to open the cervix (inspired by a great Czech book written by Lucie Suchá Groverová and Radek Suchý Grover  ). When the midwives came it was about 8.30pm and I already had an urge to push! My cervix however, wasn’t dilated enough for me to push. The midwives gave me the best massage ever to help me to relax. I lied down on my left side to breathe through the contractions as I didn’t want to push yet and that was the moment when I had an orgasm..when the little baby’s head was pressing and pushing to come out. It was so nice that when the midwives asked me to go on my fours, I just wanted to stay in that comfortable and pleasing position 🙂

Anyway, Tomas was coming (we didn’t know it was a boy that time) so I kneed on my fours and waited for that big push. Our dear friend Lenka was with us to experience this miracle and she was a great support for us all :)Thanks, Leni! Tomas came out just a minute before midnight on the 27th December. I took him and hold him immediately in my arms. No cry, no screams…just a very intimate and calm introduction to this world. Lenka was the person who cut the cord after about an hour when the blood stopped pulsing and I felt comfortable that all the beneficial blood is back in my newborn and not lost.

Eliska woke up so Michael was with her when Tomas came out. Eliska saw a newborn baby immediately and hold her little brother in her exciting for her. Michael cried and hold all of us. I felt happy, relaxed and was proud of myself to gave birth to another soul who has chosen us as parents.

We went to bed at about 2.30am and I thanked my body and kissed myself for such a great job:) What a self-love!

So this is my personal experience with a home birth. I’m not sure whether we will have more kids as we don’t plan them as such. But I’m sure if we are blessed to have more and all goes well, it would be a home birth again 🙂

Lots of happy home births, mummies and daddies 🙂


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