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Raw Food Parenting E-book

Dear parent (s) 🙂 many of you are into raw foods and especially asking about how to start incorporating raw foods into your baby’s & kids’ daily meals. This might be a struggle for most of the parents especially if you are new to raw food lifestyle, have older children who already express their likes

Reference k Life Changing Programme od Klary Dlouhe

Dalsim nasim milym hostem v ramci naseho programu (LCHP), kde se zabyvame premenou zivotniho stylu a resime ruzne zdravotni problemy byla Klarka Dlouha, fotografka a studentka designu, momentalne zijici v Praze. Tady si muzete precist, jak probihal jeji 3tydenni pobyt u nas a jeji pocity Co jsi očekávala od LCHP? Na Evičky nabídku 3týdenního pobytu

Advanced Raw Food Workshop in Australia

Hi Everybody 🙂 I’m so happy to share with you our next Advanced Raw Food workshop on the 21st February in Lennox Head, NSW, Australia.   Join me to learn how to make delicious: 1. Raw cheese 2. Pizza 3. Wraps 4. Cherry cake with coconut flesh         All dairy, gluten and refined

Calendar 2015 with Raw Food Recipes

Hi Everyone 🙂 My dear friend Jitka Adamova who is planning to visit us in Australia next year created a beautiful calendar of 2015 with delicious and gorgeously looking as well as tasting raw food recipes. Please, support her project as she has put her heart and all efforts in it and by purchasing her calendar

Raw Foodism in Pregnancy

Raw foodism in pregnancy? Is it possible? And more importantly, is it healthy and safe? You can live high or even 100% raw food lifestyle while being pregnant. There is no reason why a woman blessed to be pregnant can’t eat a high raw diet during pregnancy, and no doctor will tell you that raw

Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods

Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods?? YES!! I thought  I would share with you how my parents manage their health issues by eating raw foods and how they significantly changed their lifestyle. We focused on managing my dad’s diabetes type II. They have been my first ‘clients’ 🙂 and I’m thankful to them that they have been so

Raw Deserts Workshop in Lennox Head

Would you like to learn how to make delicious, unbaked, healthy and quick deserts? Would you like to discover how to prepare healthy deserts for your kids, relatives & friends or even to sell them by yourself in your shop? Do you have sweet tooth, but feeling guilty every time you eat traditional cake, chocolate

Personal One Week Raw Food Meal Plan

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m so excited to tell you that I’m now creating personal one week meal plans which is either 99%, 70% or 55% raw depending on your needs, circumstances and your very own personal journeys. Whether you want to loose or gain weight, you are a sport man/woman or would like to totally change

What We Eat in A Day?

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’d like to share with you one of our raw food day as I think it might be beneficial for those of you asking us what exactly we eat, in what amounts and how much it costs. So what we eat in a day? We are all different with different needs which we totally

Raw Food For Kids Part 3 – Nutrients to Watch

Another common question I receive from parents raising their kids on raw foods is: What nutrients shall I watch on raw food lifestyle?  Raw food lifestyle is extremely rich on most of the nutrients so you shouldn’t be worried too much or counting calories or % of recommended daily intakes (RDI). If you can ensure