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Rawsome Quiche Recipe

We have recently got a gift from our first guest Silvia and Kaspi who came for our Life Changing Programme here in Australia and that gift was a book of raw food recipes 🙂 Michal really liked the quiche recipe and made similar one to the book ‘Secret of Raw’ 🙂 Enjoy! It is super

Raw Pizza Made Simple

Some of you might be awaiting this raw pizza recipe so here it is 🙂 Very simple and delicious! Pizza Base would make one large pizza or two small ones: 2 medium onions 1/3 cup flax seeds 2 tablespoons tamari 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon turmeric 1/3 cup water Directions: Blend all ingredients except

Calendar 2015 with Raw Food Recipes

Hi Everyone 🙂 My dear friend Jitka Adamova who is planning to visit us in Australia next year created a beautiful calendar of 2015 with delicious and gorgeously looking as well as tasting raw food recipes. Please, support her project as she has put her heart and all efforts in it and by purchasing her calendar

Raw Iced Coffee

For those of you following me on facebook it is a  not a new information that I’m still a coffee addict trying to quit my morning cuppa 🙂 I have tried many raw recipes so far, but simply missed the coffee taste in them.. so I decided to keep trying and invented this recipe which satisfies

Marble Vanilla-Chocolate Cheesecake

I teach this marble vanilla chocolate cheesecake at my Raw Food Workshops as this require a bit of practice and to see exactly the consistency of creams in order to marble two colours 🙂 This cake is simply delicious! Here is the recipe for 23 cm spring form 🙂 Ingredients: Crust: 1 ½ cup almonds 10-12

Fermented foods Part 1 – Sauerkraut Recipe

I personally do not pay much attention to fermented foods, but since I’m becoming more aware of the importance of it, I have started experimenting with fermented foods 🙂 Here is my first recipe: How to make Sauerkraut which I also shared at my ‘Get RAWganized for Winter’ online workshop. Ingredients: 2 large cabbages (I

Raw Mushroom Burgers Recipe

Oh my God…oh my God..if you are on a low fat raw vegan lifestyle and crave burgers, this 7 ingredients raw mushroom burgers recipe is a must! I made it for my meat eating friends and they couldn’t believe how tasty and satisfying the burgers were 🙂 Here is the nut free burgers recipe: Serves:

Raw Pizza with Almond Crust Recipe

This delicious raw pizza recipe is kindly shared by Elaina Love from Pure Joy Academy which I though you may all like as we all crave pizza sometimes 🙂 Enjoy this recipe and visit Elaina’s Facebook page to connect with her 🙂     INGREDIENTS FOR CRUST: 3 C peeled and chopped zucchini (about 3 small squash) 1

Raw Fruity Tarts Recipe

These tarts are great for kids parties as children love the berries taste 🙂 Serves: 4 small tarts Equipment: High speed blender OR food processor Paper tart cups Ingredients: Base 1  cup almonds 8-10 dates 1 1/2 spoon of raw cacao powder 1 1/2 half spoon of coconut oil a bit of water if the

Raw Pasta with Broccoli Pesto Recipe

I made this raw dish as I was craving pesto, but wanted to try something different. So I came up with this broccoli pesto which is perfect for raw pasta or spread on your raw bread. EQUIPMENT Food processor SERVES 2 INGREDIENTS 3 big carrots 2 big zucchinis ½ Broccoli 1 handful of cashews 1