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Lotus Birthing – Real Story!

Hi Everyone, as a mother of two kids so far, I’m always curious about other moms’ birthing experience as well as learning new things! A beautiful family of six have been staying with us for over a month now. Sarah, Tamati and their four children aged 13, 4.5, 3 and 4 months have been travelling

Reference k Life Changing Programme od Klary Dlouhe

Dalsim nasim milym hostem v ramci naseho programu (LCHP), kde se zabyvame premenou zivotniho stylu a resime ruzne zdravotni problemy byla Klarka Dlouha, fotografka a studentka designu, momentalne zijici v Praze. Tady si muzete precist, jak probihal jeji 3tydenni pobyt u nas a jeji pocity Co jsi očekávala od LCHP? Na Evičky nabídku 3týdenního pobytu

Life Changing Programme – Testimonials by Silvia & Kasper

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m happy to post our first testimonials to our Life Changing Programme (LCHP) which helps people to change something in their lives, giving them some sort of direction, deal with any particular health or other issues. The LCHP we offer is a swap trade rather than monetary exchange as we love showing

Sustainable Living in Yurts

Hi our Dear Friends 🙂 We haven’t been posting for a while and the reason being is that we now run FREE Life Changing Programme from our house for those of you who want to change any habit or pattern. It has been a beautiful experience so far with three people coming. We have been

Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods

Diabetes Type II Managed By Raw Foods?? YES!! I thought  I would share with you how my parents manage their health issues by eating raw foods and how they significantly changed their lifestyle. We focused on managing my dad’s diabetes type II. They have been my first ‘clients’ 🙂 and I’m thankful to them that they have been so

Personal One Week Raw Food Meal Plan

Hi Everyone 🙂 I’m so excited to tell you that I’m now creating personal one week meal plans which is either 99%, 70% or 55% raw depending on your needs, circumstances and your very own personal journeys. Whether you want to loose or gain weight, you are a sport man/woman or would like to totally change

Soap Nuts – Ecological Washing

In this article, I’d like to share with you our experience with ecological washing 🙂 I’m so excited to finally find a natural way of washing our clothes gently as well as saving environment, Mother Nature and reducing our wastage. Have you heard about soap nuts? If not you should check it out! Mother Nature has been

How To Fast – 10 Common Questions

Have you ever imagined being totally healthy?  Have you got any health issue that you struggle with? Would you like to get off any medication that you are taking at the moment? In this article we would like to share with you the information and our personal experience with fasting and the resulting improvements in

Protect Your Health From Water Pollution!

In this article we share our reasons why we drink distilled water most of the times and how important it is to make sure you drink the purest water possible 🙂 In today’s world everything is interconnected. We reckon that you have heard this before and this is nothing new. It has always been like

4 Reasons To Eat Organic Food

We would like to share with you our view and reasons why we support and eat organic produce and food as this is a big part of our daily life. I cannot stress enough how important it is for our family to have access to organic food as well as pure water! But don’t worry,